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Bed & Bark @ Glacier Park

Small, well socialized dogs, under 25 lbs are welcomed! There is a 10$ per night charge for each dog.

We bath Tim weekly so we request that your dog be freshly bathed within 24 hours prior to your arrival.

For health reasons, dogs are not allowed ON our B&B beds. They need to sleep/rest on the floor or in their own beds/crates on the floor. Bring your dog’s clean bed/bedding along for them to use. We have a crate available at no extra charge.

Food/water for your pet is NOT allowed in the bedroom. You may set up their food/water station in the area that Tim eats in.  Bring your own pet food :-)

Our yard is dog secure.

We have a dog door to allow them to get in and out of the house.

Before your request is accepted we will check with guests who are already registered to ensure that they are OK with having a “guest pet” in the B&B. 

You are responsible to “poop-and-scoop” after your dog.

No cats.

our dogs


Tim & Sami

They are:

mini Poodles

If there were a fourth B, this would be it.